The tribals constitute 80% of the total population of the territory. The main tribes are Dhodia, Kokna and Varli with small groups of Koli, Kathodi, Naika and Dubla scattered over the territory.


The Varlis are a tribe of non Aryan origin, who lived in the country, near the Vindhyas and Satpuras from where they came south, towards Konkan.

The traditional dress of the Varli men, consists of a loin cloth, a small waist coat and a turban. Lugden, a one yard saree worn by the women is tied around the waist, and is knee length. A separate piece of cloth used is known as Padar. The women adorn themselves with silver and white metal ornaments


The Dhodias are hut dwellers, and the term Dhodia seems to be derived from Dhundi, which means a small thatched hut.

The men wear ornaments such as earrings, and silver chains around the waist. The women adorn themselves with colourful bead necklaces and other silver ornaments. They wear metal bangles on their hands and thick metal kadas around their ankles.


The Koknas derive their name from Konkan, a region in Western India, which extends from the coast to the foothills of Western Ghats.

The men and women are well built. The men wear dhoti up to the knees, a waist coat or shirt, and a turban on their head. The women wear colourful knee length or full length sarees. The Kokna men and women often tattoo their forehead, and other part of their body.


Kathodis are Katkari as they are called in the neighbouring Thane district of Maharashtra, are considered to occupy the bottom rung of socio-economic ladder of the tribes.

They lead a forest life. Tribal men and women are fond of ornaments like necklaces, noserings, earrings, anklets, waist and armbands mostly made up of white metal or silver. Necklaces made up of coins called 'Ganthla' is very popular with the women folk. Varli and Dhodia women also adore themselves with the necklaces of glass bead.

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